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    Arb Innovations are Wellington’s leading Arboricultural Specialists. We pride ourselves on enabling our clients with solutions in Vegetation management from consultation through to delivery of the project. We are Approved Contractors for the New Zealand Arboricultural Association along with all local councils in the Wellington Region. We provide a full range of services including tree removal, pruning, transplanting, thinning, specialist tree reports to name a few. See our full range of Wellington Tree Services

  • Experienced and Qualified Arborists

    All our Arborists are qualified. An experienced and qualified Arborist will conduct any consulting or quoting you require for your trees. Our qualified Arborists will offer you expert advice and guidance that comes from years of experience and training. A qualified Arborist will remain on site when any Tree Services are being carried out. Find our more about our team of Wellington Qualified Arborists

  • Professional and Passionate about Trees

    Arb Innovations is committed to excellence in the field of Arboriculture. As a team we strive to provide an efficient, eco-friendly and reliable service that is both personalised, and enjoyable for you. We pride ourselves on providing innovative and sustainable solutions based on modern arboricultural techniques, practices, and methods with an overall professional ambience. From tree removal to light pruning, no matter how big or small job – we are confident and professional in any situation.

We are approved contractors for the New Zealand Arboricultural Association.

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