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Did you know that you can improve the health of your tree by servicing it’s roots? Healthy root systems are a fundamental aspect of ensuring the longevity of your tree’s life.

Damaging aspects to the health of tree roots include incorrect planting and excessive mulching. In some instances this can lead to a reduction in growth, pest development, bound and/or suffocating roots, health decline and even death of the tree.

Arb Innovation’s tree root protection services can help to improve the health of your tree and rectify root damage. An example of this is Root Collar Excavation using specialised supersonic air tools to expose and remove girdling roots without damage to the trees root plate. Along with the other Tree Care services, Arb Innovations preserve and encourage the health of your trees.

If you are interested in tree root protection call us at 04-2126-366, or Request a Free, No Obligation Estimate with our Free Quote Form. We are looking forward to helping you with your tree root protection needs!

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